Dear Daughter

An inspiring guided memory journal


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Dear Daughter is an award-winning journal filled with over 60 fun and inspiring questions carefully created to inspire any daughter to tell her story – probably one of the most valuable gifts you will ever buy.

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How well do you know your own Daughter? Everyone has stories to share about their own amazing life and it is so important to find ways to capture and treasure them. Dear Daughter contains 60 carefully designed questions to inspire her to share her personal story. Ask her to complete it carefully, adding photos and memorabilia along the way.

What are some of the favourite things in her life? Find out more about some of the experiences and adventures she has had and what she enjoyed. Understand more about her memories of the times you have spent together as well as her hopes & dreams for the future.

When you get her completed journal returned to you, this will be one of the most emotional presents you have ever received.

Perfect for any age, this is a great gift for your daughter’s birthday, Christmas or just because you care.

You can also choose to personalise this journal and tailor it just for you.

Share the things that really matter with Journals Of A Lifetime.
Made with love, from you to me.


This journal is hard back, case-bound with a ribbon book mark, size 207mm x 143mm with 128 pages.The paper used is manufactured from pulp sourced from forests that are legally and sustainably managed.

Designed in the UK.

Awards & Publicity

This range of Journals was voted as ‘Gift of the Year’ which is one of many awards and accolades they have received. 


Example Questions

  • Tell me about some of your most enjoyable experiences at school...
  • What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?
  • Tell me about your best friends... what do you like about them? 
  • Who do you most admire and why? 
  • Tell me about the family values you have learnt along the way that you would like to pass on...
  • What do I do that you appreciate and would like me to carry on doing
  • Where might you like to live and why? 
  • What would you still love us to do together?
  • If you were granted three wishes... what would they be and why? 
  • Is there anything you would like to change about yourself or your life?
  • Tell me about your goals and aspirations for the next... 5 years / 10 years / 20 years...
  • What can I do to help you achieve what you want?

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