Forward Thinking

A wellbeing & happiness journal

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A unique journal that draws on fascinating and heartwarming research into wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment to promote a positive view on life.

It offers a year of weekly suggested mindful activities punctuated by motivational quotes to help you thrive and flourish. Featuring hand-painted original artwork, Forward Thinking is designed to enhance and improve wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment in six key areas:

• Relationships
• Health, fitness and wellbeing
• Job satisfaction
• Personal activities
• Finances
• Community

Many people believe they’ll be happy and feel fulfilled when they’re rich, married, promoted, etc. However, all the external factors in our lives will only account for 10% of the variance of our happiness, with some 50% determined by our genetics.

The good news is that the remaining 40% of our happiness can be relatively easily influenced by our intentional activities, how we think and how we behave. Happiness and wellbeing aren’t about what happens to you, but how you choose to respond to what happens.

Developed by a consultant psychologist who focuses on personal and leadership development, Forward Thinking helps you focus on the 40% and by increasing this, it may, in turn, positively influence the 50%. In other words, it can help raise your self-awareness and improve your mindset. It will help you reflect, plan and make positive changes.

Live the life you wish to lead and be in your element with the Forward Thinking journal, an inspiring gift to show you care, or to care for yourself.

Forward Thinking is part of the Wellbeing Collection, where you’ll also find the complementary titles This Is Me, a mindful, autobiographical journal and Wonderful Days, a daily gratitude journal.

Made with paper & love, from you to me.

Why we love it

This is a journal that measures where you are at the start and builds on that, through the activities to grow your presence, self-awareness and positivity. We love the quiz sections and the activities which focus on the key pillars of our lives and what is truly important. The textured cover with gold embossed text makes the product feel luxurious.


Portrait 19.5 x 14.3cm

144 pages of 120gsm uncoated, acid-free paper

Hardback book

Wiblain colour cover with gold foil blocking and colour internal pages

Colour coordinated head and tail band, ribbon bookmark

Ethically produced from sustainably sourced materials

Designed and published in the UK

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