Hieronymus Betts and His Unusual Pets

A hilarious story about a boy & his fantastical pets

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Hieronymus Betts has some very unusual pets, some creatures that are slimy, some noisy and some very, very strange. But there is one creature that is slimier, noisier, greedier and scarier than all of them put together - what on earth could it be?

Introducing Hieronymus’s crazy pets such as the bog hog and slugapotamus one at a time, this fantasy story reveals that, while noisier and scarier than them all, his little brother is actually far more fun than any pet could ever be. With beautiful ink and watercolour illustrations M.P. Robertson has created the perfect book for brothers everywhere. With a strong sense of humour and a splendid use of word play, this book is great for reading aloud and is sure to be a popular bedtime story.


This is a softback book, size Square 231mm x 231mm. With 28 full colour pages, 140gsm FSC paper.

Designed, published and printed in the UK


Awards & Publicity

‘A predictably patterned text with splendid wordplay, a strong sense of the ridiculous, and full of verbal and visual incongruities, this one should have young children both cringing and laughing at the ever more revolting and unlikely animals, and even more at the antics of Hieronymus’s snotty-nosed, potty-spilling younger sibling.’ Books for Keeps

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