Matt Manson

Matt Manson

Matt Manson is a Bristol based artist who has a passion for geometric artwork. This passion has taken all over the world to try and understand how different cultures have used geometry in their artworks and architecture and as inspiration for new designs.

Matt works as a Tattoo artist alongside being a freelance surface pattern designer. He creates geometric designs onto customers who are wanting to have a permanent design etched into their skin. Matt also incorporates his designs on to fabrics, ceramics, and other homeware items.

Matts goal in life has been to make a living through art, to be able to explore and create art every day and to keep pushing himself as an artist, developing his skills and putting them into practice.

As an artist, he has had many accomplishments, he moved to New York at the age of 21 to develop wallpaper patterns and have since lived in Amsterdam and London for which he is grateful. As an artist who is obsessed with geometry and tattooing, he has been lucky enough to have been able to work at many of England’s tattoo conventions enabling him to showcase his work to new audiences and make many life-long friends,

Outside of work, Matt enjoys listing to music and discovering new and old records alike, he relaxes by cooking and enjoys finding new recipes and coming up with my own ones – Great British Bake Off watch out!